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Designing Housing for Seniors

The tasks of daily life can be take on new challenges as we age.  A Dallas architect, David Dillard, has a unique way of teaching his young staffers how to design housing for seniors.  He asks that they put themselves in the position of the elderly residents in a real way – taping fingers together to mimic hands crippled by arthritis or wearing someone else’s eyeglasses to simulate failing vision or ear plugs to understand hearing loss.  This empathetic attention to the practical needs of our elderly loved ones can make a huge difference in their comfort and the ease with which they can navigate their living spaces.  Really listening to them and literally walking in their shoes will make us all see their needs with new eyes.

At Rosen & Spears, we applaud those who take a creative approach to understanding the needs of our elders and sharing that vision with others.

Please click here to read about this inspirational approach to understanding the needs of some of our seniors.

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