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Doctors and medical professionals should listen to patients when they are told about symptoms and complaints.  They should also order the appropriate diagnostic tests and interpret them correctly to find out what is wrong with their patients. Unfortunately, too often doctors and other health care providers are too hurried to take the time to look at all the information and make the correct diagnosis.

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Misdiagnosis can be the result of different types of medical errors:

  • Not ordering the appropriate tests to find the cause of your condition
  • Not listening to the complaints and symptoms you report
  • Misinterpreting or ignoring the results of lab tests
  • Misinterpreting or ignoring the results of x-rays or other radiological tests such as CT scans or MRI’s

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a health care provider’s misdiagnosis and you have suffered harm, contact Rosen & Spears. We will look at your situation to determine if a legal claim can be filed.