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Is it dementia, or could it be something else?

  There are dozens of causes of dementia-like symptoms. Simple and treatable conditions may advance quickly in elders, and may cause symptoms that can be confused with dementia, such as: Normal pressure hydrocephalus (a gradual buildup of spinal fluid in the brain). Interactions of medications. Depression or another mental health disorder. Urinary tract infections. Thyroid disease. Vitamin … Continue reading

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Resident Rights Month

Rosen & Spears would like to acknowledge the efforts of the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care which has established October as Resident Rights Month.  The focus for 2014 is “Better Staffing: The Key to Better Care”.  Please visit their site, and especially take a moment to read comments from consumers of long-term care.  Compassionate … Continue reading

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Rosen & Spears has a new address!

We are pleased to announce Rosen & Spears has relocated within the Galleria Financial Center. Please make note of our new address at: ROSEN & SPEARS Attorneys at Law 5075 Westheimer Suite 760 Houston, TX 77056 The local, toll free, and fax numbers are the same, as is our website location. We look forward to hearing from and … Continue reading

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Designing Housing for Seniors

The tasks of daily life can be take on new challenges as we age.  A Dallas architect, David Dillard, has a unique way of teaching his young staffers how to design housing for seniors.  He asks that they put themselves in the position of the elderly residents in a real way – taping fingers together to … Continue reading

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Texas V.A. Failure to Provide Care

The findings of the report of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ recent internal audit have brought to light serious issues regarding the VA’s failure to provide appropriate care to many of the nearly 9 million veterans it serves.  It is shocking and shameful that four of the Texas Veterans’ Centers have some of the worst … Continue reading

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