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Author Archives: Marian Rosen

“Will-A-Thon” – Free Assistance for Seniors, Veterans and Disabled

The Elder Law Committee of the Houston Bar Association (HBA) will hold its annual “Will-A-Thon” on Wednesday, April 5th. New wills and basic medical directives will be prepared by a volunteer attorney for free for people who qualify. Knowing these documents and decisions are in place can provide individuals and families great relief when more stressful times … Continue reading

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Medical Marijuana in Nursing Homes

As some states have approved dispensing and use of Medical Marijuana, nursing homes in those state have been working to resolve how this fits with their protocols and resident needs. A recent article in the New York Times discusses this issue and states, "as older people come to represent an emerging frontier in the use … Continue reading

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Honoring “MOVEMBER” and Men’s Health

“Movember”, combining the words “moustache” and the month of “November”, is a 30 day campaign to raise awareness about men’s health issues of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide – all issues that claim the lives of many young men worldwide. You may notice in increase of moustaches this month as the goal … Continue reading

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Can I Use Medicare When Travelling?

An AARP Journal article reflects that: "There is no demographic sector more active in travel than those over 50. Older Americans place travel at the very top of their list of postcareer aspirations."  With more baby boomers traveling, some will inevitalby have Medicare insurance, and some of those will have travel plans interrupted by health situations … Continue reading

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Focus on Men’s Health Week: June 2016

National recognition of Men's Health Week was established in 1994 as the second week in June (leading up to Father's Day) to bring attention to health issues that particularly affect men.  Leadingmortality causes for males in the USA include heart disease and cancer. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) offers suggestions for men which include eating healthy and … Continue reading

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HIPAA Guidelines for Patients to Get Medical Records

Patients, and their appropriately authorized representatives, should have ability to access medical records (in all but a few instances).  One of the greatest barriers people calling our office for a case consultation face is obtaining the records necessary for legal review.  These same barriers prevent patients, guardians and others from procuring their records so they … Continue reading

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